Welcome to our new website!

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Well here we are at last with our website up and running.

For most new businesses their website would have been one of the first things to happen, for us, well everything happened so fast that there simply was no time to dedicate to promotional activities.

We opened our doors on 24th March 2011. At the time it was just Denise and I, a couple of desks and a single telephone on the floor. For anyone decking out an office my advice is – pay extra and get your furniture constructed. I had counted on my husband’s handyman skills but unexpected shoulder surgery meant that his usual valuable assistance was limited. Many hours, sore fingers, raw knees and rude words were invested. More than one thing did not go to plan but we made it work and the end result was fantastic.
A big thank you to all that pitched in and helped out in those early days: Steve from Kalnet who came to install computers and stayed for many hours putting furniture together; Brett and Wayne for many hours of wall painting and installation; Denise for putting up with crazy working conditions and her husband Craig for helping out. And thank you so much for all the flowers, cards and well wishes from so many of my fantastic clients, friends and peers. You support meant so much.

5 years down the track and we have developed and grown. We now have a solid core of dedicated and talented people who all work together in a systemised, collective and client-centric way. While we take pride in our work, our individual and collective achievements, the performance and achievements of our clients are, and will always be, our main focus.

I look forward to the next 5 years and meeting the challenge of keeping up with changing technologies while maintaining a real presence. We will persist in our endeavours to achieve continuous improvement, in ourselves as individuals, in our business and yours.